Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Halloween Sound Explosion

Collin, an online friend and winner of last year's Halloween contest, just sent me a link to something beyond cool, particularly if you're as crazy about Halloween as I am. Check it out, with my undying approval:
(By the by, we've got less than a week left until Halloween. If you're waiting to see some bizarro articles, keep your eyes open. Hell, I might even suggest checking back ON Halloween, as that's when I'll be posting my interview with Bill Zebub, the director/genius behind "The Worst Horror Movie Ever Made".)

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Stupid Guild Wars contest...

I hate it when I do some art for a contest or something and find out I forgot to notice some important rule. Anyway, enjoy my goofy animation of the only "kosher" thing I could send in.
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No more talk of Guild Wars. I promise.
For purists, here's the actual painting:
Not that you cared.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Evil Dead, The Musical.

What the hell is wrong with you people? Why hasn't everyone been talking about this? What, is Rocky Horror still enough to get you up in the morning? Can you honestly say you don't want to "Do the Necronomicon?"
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:deep breath:
My Kingdom to still be living in New York.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Ejaculda is attacking the city.

German products are weird sometimes. And sometimes they're really disturbing. Look what I found at the corner store today. Not a specialty shop or anything, but the German equivalent of a 7-Eleven.
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The bottle isn't empty...it's just filled with a milky white fluid. Apparently it's an energy drink/liquor with an implied secret ingredient. The best part is when I went to the counter and asked for it (as it's got booze in it, it's kept off the child-accessible shelves). I was already laughing after I saw it in the window and couldn't keep a straight face as I struggled to pronounce "Ejaculada, bitte." The clerk, a large Turkish man with a strong sense of heterosexuality being approached by a weird guy wearing too much jewelry and a woman's haircut (I regret nothing and concede to unpopular opinion) that apparently was pointing and talking about sperm, promptly told me to get the "F@$% away" from his shop and threatened to bash my apparently perverse face in. After getting yelled at and using my terrible German combined with ape-like sign language, I quickly watched as the clerk was mortified to find out that he did indeed have an "ejaculada" display in his window. For one euro I walked away with the most disturbing energy drink of all time and a sense that I should never return to that particular corner store.
God I love Germany sometimes.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Kim Jong-il & Pulgasari

Forgive me for repeating today's update in, oddly enough, today's blog. Daily updates are still weird to me. Anyway...Illustration Friday's theme this week is "Smitten" and the whole Kim-Jong-il & his giant nuclear (I mean capitalism) monster movie Pulgasari just seemed sickly appropriate. Kim's long-lasting love for giant monster movies of mass destruction...so surreal. Today's update, for the benefit of IF:
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"I do so love it when current events make me change my plans. "Pulgasari" is a film produced by North Korean's Kim Jong-il in 1985 using a director that North Korean intelligence kidnapped several years earlier from South Korea. Pulgasari is a metaphor about capitalism (which is a giant monster that at first seems great but eventually will destroy you), but when you put the modern nuclear spin on it....it works. Really well, in fact. Hunt down a copy while you still can without being put on the government blacklist."

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Friday the 13th....with Mutant Kittens.

Happy Friday the 13th, guys and gals. Enjoy the day with some bad movies and maybe a little Jason Voorhees on the side. In that regard, make sure you enjoy this (mostly because it's almost 9,000 words...a length that's quickly becoming my holiday standard for better or for worse).
Tonight I'll be carving a few pumpkings (as well as making a "Tiki-O-Lantern") and watching a bunch of horror movies. What did you expect? I recently got a hold of something called "The Worst Horror Movie Ever Made." That's not completely true, but it is something magical. It's from the same director as "Jesus Christ: Serial Rapist." That should totally clue you in on what everyone's in store for. Man.
Bonus Holiday weirdness:
You know that AOL News game that I play from time to time. Today I saw this headline button:
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...and totally thought it had something to do with normal kittens versus genetically modified kittens. You know, like the ones discussed here:
Then again, an article about chain-smoking, alcoholic kittens isn't half bad either.
Oh and if you are interested in some killer cat movies this weekend, besides Pet Sematary, makes sure to rent Stephen King's OTHER killer cat movie, Sleepwalkers, a goofy film about cat people that explode if a normal cat touches them. If you can get a copy of Uninvited, the story of a genetic mutant that looks like a normal cat but has an evil skinless cat lurking inside it (like most cats) that's killing teens on a small yacht, you won't regret it. Much.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Blog Neglect...

Man, you start updating the site daily and you forget to pay attention to the blog. This doesn't count as attention much here, since the attention itself is about how I haven't been paying attention to you. I'll bring up one issue and share two things of magic.
The Issue: I always wince when websites say "Holy Crap, why hasn't anyone email me?" but I will say that I've found it weird no one's sent me any old Halloween photos yet. I know it'll pick up when Halloween comes closer, but I WILL paint you (or your goofy co-worker) if you send me a photo. That said, the fun stuff.
I've actually been meaning to make a post called "Artist Heal Thyself" about what I do to try to improve. The short answer is that I visit sites better than me, feel terrible about it, and bust my hump trying to evolve faster. I also get involved in weird artsy projects when I can and try out different stuff. While this might not be the best example, but I did another page for the Global Comic Jam the other day and now it's up on their site. Check out my inking comic strangeness here:
I also did another page for that story a while back, but you'll have to uncover the "nipples of destruction" on your own. Because I am NOT proud of that particular page.
2nd fun thing: I have nothing to do with the site, but God Damn does it entertain me. Expect a picture of my corpse to put up sooner than later:
3rd Bonus thing:
Links found upon new links are kind of lame to share because you'll find them your damn self if you're interested, but dear LORD this was funny and traumatizing:
And for your tolerance, a watercolor doodle thing that really has nothing to do with very much at all:
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"saying hello to the blog"

Sunday, October 01, 2006

October is Here...

My favorite month is upon us and I'm currently tweaking the site design. "Design" might be too strong a term, but I will make it easier to find stuff. Oh, and it'll be prettier. At least, I hope so. Here's the new background, unhindered:
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That's also my little warning that there are definitely a few links not working just yet. Needing to sleep is a bitch. Still, I'm pretty happy with the new design so far.
In other news, it turns out I won another contest, this time being held by the Digital Strip guys (http://www.digitalstrips.com/). I really dug the comic I made for it, but had't posted it because most folks won't get it. Now, even though you still won't get it, I at least have an excuse.
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It makes more sense if you've been following Digital Strips for a while, obviously. But really, how often am I given an excuse to draw something like that?