Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Tequila Clown Flashbacks...

If you've checked the site, you already know that I finally got around to doing another Art Crash of sorts. And while it took me a day to recover, I can still feel the effects of my exploits all around me. In fact, I'm obviously having Tequila Clown Flashbacks. Because only those would explain why I had THIS staring into my face when I checked my email this morning:
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Thank you reality, for using synchronicity to further implant my new-found fear of clowns.
(By the way, lots of new stuff coming soon. I'm typing up the review of "Spawn: The Movie from Hell" right now as well as sorting out the Miniature Mayhem stuff. If you read this and want to help me playtest my new miniature game that requires no miniatures, send an email to ohgodtherats@aol.com. If you help me out, I'll even mail you some Art or a lock of my hair or something. Oh and before I forget, I also scanned in something else I found in the attic when I back home: A whole pile of my old paintings. Some of which were done when I was 4 years old. Usually these would be pathetic to share, but I think I was destined to end up being as screwed-up as I am from a very early age. You'll understand when you see how I drew myself back then. Hint: Special Education Helmet. Everytime.)
Edit: Man, I need to revamp the main page so I can post news on it like I used to. The other bit of news is that MY EMAIL HAS BEEN BROKEN for maybe the past month. Apparently the free account that came with my website can only handle so many letters before it quits without telling anyone. So if you've emailed me with something important over the past month, let me know. I had to resort my account, so I potentially lost a bunch of stuff.
Edit Edit: Guess what else I'm finally updating in the next month? Pornographic. Nightmare. Fuel. Finally.
March: The Month Jared Makes up for being a Slack Bitch.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The concept of playtesting makes me tingly. Mail sent.

12:43 PM  
Blogger Dana5of5 said...

Has nothing to do with your blog:
I just had to register an account here because I wanted to leave a comment about how cool you are. Love the artwork and the articles. Been to your site many a time. I did however send you an email. Now I know why you never received it.

9:12 PM  
Blogger Collin said...

I look forward to everything coming our way from the mind of Jared.

I've been quite the slack bitch myself for far too long. Well... maybe a bit longer.

4:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

evil clowns ah
geting drunk a painting well thats just stupid or awsome

12:07 AM  
Blogger Adam Holwerda said...

Ok you've inspired me. (Weird, right? Shit.) I'm gonna do the alphabet thing. Seems fun. Maybe it could be a 24 hour comic? Oh...I think I just came up with something cool...a 24(6) hour alphabet...that has a plot. Think of it, Jaredhead!

Now then. Time to verify "lwqyropo" as a word. Even though it's NOT! Stuipid machines - how are you going to take over the world NOW!? HUH?! What I thought. Bitches.

10:40 PM  

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