Sunday, December 23, 2007

I am jinxed for the Holidays.....

New computer, new programs...and a LOT of Xmas stuff to share. At this rate it'll be on the site sometime on Christmas Day. Close to late but technically not so. Technically.

I can tell you this though: All this update-being-delayed crap is totally going to get a visit from Black Pete.

Monday, December 17, 2007


I'm speechless.



Monday, December 10, 2007

The Velvet Vulva: Not Porn Related, I swear.

Well, I'm back. Sorry about the vacation guys...The Halloween Spirit ate my face off and it took me a couple of weeks to regrow a new one. The new face is mostly leather and an organic zipper made up of what used to be my teeth. Sure, kids scream when they see me but on the plus side I'm always ready for an impromptu Halloween party. See? It all worked out well.

As for the comics this week...both are a little more obscure than usual. So, in case you didn't know...all the television writers are on strike. Still. It started on November 5th and, well, 3 days ago negotiations broke down again. This doesn't affect too many of us...unless you like watching television. There's a reason the latest season of Heroes sucked donkey butt. And, if you've seen the comic, know this: I do watch House MD when I can. I like it because dear GOD almost every episode is the same. But I like it, mostly because the whole thing feels like a weird spin-off of John C. McGinley's character on the show Scrubs. And, despite my weirdness, I like that show. I can't help it. I feel ashamed.


Speaking of shame, why did I ALSO make a comic about a woman who makes handbags shaped like vaginas?
Answer: Because it had to be done.

Check out the site by clicking HERE.
Oh and remember to pay close attention. There's a "hat" at the very bottom of that page that blows my mind just a little. Mostly because it looks like it's eating someone in the most horrible way.