Friday, September 25, 2009

Illustration Friday: Pattern Fun

Haven't done Illustration Friday for a while, so here goes, with hue-changing Photoshop Triplicate. Still working on secret corporate stuff, but figured a quick side thing couldn't hurt.

Huttah. When I was a little kid I'd do a lot of paintings like this, but they often had bombs and skulls in the middle of them. The joys of classroom doodles revisited, I suppose.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Head Injury Theater Goes Back to 2003!

I said I'd do it for filler if need be and, well, here you go...for better or for worse.

Click Here to see the horror.

Don't judge me.
Or start stalking Sara.

And no, I won't put you in contact with Sara. Perverts.
Seriously, the article has only been up for 10 minutes and already I've got two "can I have her last name so I can find her on Facebook" emails. I'm proud of you guys. You work fast. You're creepy, but efficient, which is the best I can hope for, really.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Teaser...

Jet Lag is at an end and a horrible/wonderful realization has set upon me: I'm really, really busy. Seriously, I've got a lot of painting to do in a short period of time. It's awesome but the catch is: Since it's corporate work I can't share it. There will be something on the site next Wednesday, but I wanted to let you guys know that I'm not going on Hiatus or missing updates due to not caring. You know, because if it weren't for freaks like you I couldn't be doing what I'm doing. Which is awesome.

As a horrible reward/penance, I'll be uploading my terrible fetish photography that I did years and years ago that I swore I wouldn't ever share. There's something to be said about being the guy people go to when they want "artsy" smutty pictures. There's nothing pornographic, but it's hilarious what I did as the Grand Artiste of panty shots. Here's a tease, more next week (for better or for worse), taken during my "Pretentious Artist Helps Friends Become Suicide Girls" phase:
"So...yeah. You put on high heels and lingerie and I'll...stand on top of you and throw Xmas lights at you. Huzzah, ART!"

I find it hilarious that despite going to film school, I suck at taking pictures.

PS: Work or No Work, I do plan on making up for the fiasco that was last year's Halloween Failure. I'm not sure how exactly, but I did want to throw that out there.