Saturday, January 28, 2006

Give unto Ryan what is Ryan's...

In the spirit of the upcoming Art Crash (see below), I realized that I needed a touchstone so that my tentative sanity doesn't slip through my fingers. But where do you turn when you need support of the spiritual and emotional varieties in regards to your suicidal artistic pursuits? The answer should be obvious, but to make it official I painted this tonight:
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Technically that should read "artistic suicide attempts" but you get the idea.
('s a hell of a lot of fun to print out a picture of someone and watercolor it to death. Really it is.)


Blogger Adam Holwerda said...

Dude. You need to stop actually doing things that should have ended at the "Man, you know what I should do?" stage.

I.E. I so thought you were joking when you said "I should paint an idol of Ryan to pray to during [my death act]." And that part is in brackets because you really just said "it."

12:22 AM  
Blogger Jared said...

I'll admit you're right, but somehow my brain held onto the joke and wouldn't let me go until I did it last night. Goofy ideas hold me hostage more often than they should.

4:29 AM  

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