Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Why you should never go to a Club with me....

Drunk Art Returns!
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A long time ago, I used to post tiny paintings that I'd originally drawn while drinking at a nightclub. I haven't done that for a while, but the other weekend I found myself at The Island, a 3-story goth club that's located on, you guessed it, an island. It was a blast but for whatever reason I started drawing the weird people that kept wandering through the place. And while I think it's kind of dorky to be sitting at a club drinking with your friends while you draw, I had the best/strangest conversation with some drunken German at around 2 in the morning.
Random German: "You......are so cool."
Jared: "Um, thanks?"
RG: "You screw the fashion!"
Jared: "Excuse me?"
RG: "You don't care of the scene, the fashion, you do your own thing and SCREW THE FASHION!"
Jared: :blink: Thanks man.
RG: "F--- the Motherf---ing FASHION!"
It was a compliment while making sense in the strangest possible way....I think. Have I mentioned how much I love the clubs here?
Anyway, all of the people picture are based off people that I really saw, including the scary-toothed girl with the wounded hand. Check it out if you're into seeing "Goths I have Known."


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